Parfaite Tool Co.,Ltd is founded in 1982 for the accumulation of almost 30 years of experience
and craftsmanship in specializing the design, manufacture and sale of Motor built-in High Speed
Spindle, High Precision Tool Holder and customized Tool. Parfaite is also the sole company of
supplying the above mentioned high quality-technical products in the meantime. For the various
machining and manufacturing in the Industries such as Aerospace, Machining center, Automotive
…etc, guaranteeing the quantity and making the clients fully rely on us is our supreme target.

Today, Parfaite is still insisting on the Improvement and
innovation of technology. In 1994 we first developed
Motor Built-in High Speed Spindle successfully in the
domestic market and became an important leader in
Taiwan. From now on, we keep the innovation and our
promise to make all of our clients and us successful and
benefits by supplying our standard production, customized
products or more complicated machining process.